Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Steve Hansen

I went to the Steve Hansen swearing in and it was so inspiring.  The members of the gay community there were pumped and were easily half the crowd.  The gay men's chorus sang.  A muzak version of Step In The Name Of Love played.  Me and Liv Rickrolled ourselves when Never Gonna Give You Up came on, and OMF did not recogonize it, which is so OMF.  One of the best things about OMF besides being a mensch and so smart is that he is never not OMF, except maybe when he got a Blackberry, but now they are so outdated that they became OMF.  I ate a turkey wrap for the first time and it was ok, all in all, a momentous  night.

KJ made an appearance, to seriously tepid applause when mentioned by Steve.  He stood behind me uncomfortably as if he knew he wasn't welcome at the front.  Wow.  No wonder he doesn't want to be in Sac when he can be hobnobbing with Oprah or whoever.  Steve's speech to the crowd was very informal, and he mentioned the arts and that he is the first city council member of this district to live downtown.  He called his staff onstage and Maya Wallace was the second to get called up.  I bet she will be on the city council someday, perhaps closer than you think.

Crap, when step in the name of love came on, I realized I had heard something about an R. Kelly tour and didn't look into.  Turns out I missed his "single ladies tour" for his album "black panties" in Oakland.  He has announced one tour date in Baton Rouge for 2013 so hopefully he will come to Oakland or Sac.


Anonymous said...

It was a fun party. I love a room full of happy, stoked people.


Liv Moe said...

I will never forget a dream I had right after Tim and I started dating that he and I were out somewhere and suddenly he received a call and pulled out a mustard yellow rotary cell phone and I thought sure, of course if such a thing existed he would own it. Then I thought this guy is a turd.

Anonymous said...

One thing I can tell you- Myspace is super hard to use on this Blackberry.