Tuesday, December 11, 2012

christmas pics

Yes yes yes! The first season of Girls just shipped from Netflix!!

I haven't been following RV Sheide on twitter (shocker) but Cosmo retweeted this and it's really funny

Kevin Johnson says he no longer wants to be mayor, will pursue career as traveling charter school salesman. sacb.ee/SWBxri #sacramento

This is response to that cray cray Bee article in which Johnson pretty much admits he's so ineffective that he's given up on Sac and will just travel around vaguely promoting it to celebrities, sports figures, and politicians.  This fucking guy.  I can't even believe the arrogance.  Re: arrogance, be sure to read Nick article where KJ makes vague, untrue statements about what he's done for the homeless, among other things. 

Pictures after the jump

 I went to Maalouf's and tried a new thing and honestly it was just ok.  Should have stuck to something I knew, like the kibbeh sandwich.  I wanted low carb so I got the lentil, onion dish.  The lentils were cold inside!  Their Greek salad is the best though, and I ran into EC and AN.
 This is a nice Mikkeller sour.  To take words out of smillers mouth (which is always a good idea when it comes to beer) it's fruity and not too sour, and has a woodsy taste.  I am still bummed I skimped on the chance to buy a cool Mikkeller poster at the beerfest, but they were like75 bucks

 I went to Fortune House for dim sum.  I wish I could say it was as good as the New Canton peoples restaurants, but it's not.  But it is downtown and it's easier to get a table than New Canton and I never, ever, ever want to get back together with waiting in line for food.
 Tofu skin thingy. Tofu skin is my new jam.
 VERY GOOD shrimp and pork dumplings
 these were good but the dumpling wrapper was somewhat raw on top. all the dumplings stuck to the paper, which is not a good thing, and the turnip cake was way cold.  oh well, in general I was ravenous and stoked
 This is outside the flame club, natch.

 presents from Doug.  I have the hardest time knowing when these things are ripe but not almost rotten

 ornament roundup.  I may have posted these another year.  This one is so funny.

Note that the wreath is made of green dancing bears.  What stoned genius thought of that?

 Christine Shields makes these.  Message her on FB and get one.  They are awesome! She also makes a big pillow version of this and this year she has fox ornaments which I have not seen yet.

 Ha! There was a Hod afterparty at our house with some yearbook times and this was in Scott's yearbook.  You can tell he was popular because he got two certificates (the other was most liberal).  If I had gotten one it would have said "most Morrissey shirts worn".  I actually don't think he is stubborn.  Maybe that's why we are married.  We both know what we like and we ain't changin'
Cool thrift store find for 1.50  last year.

 Joyful kitty krouching
 More thrift store finds.  I got five and I wish I had bought them out, there were at least ten.


Liv Moe said...

Tofu skin is the hella jam. So damn good. It's fantastic at Asian Pearl.

A couple weeks ago RC and I had Tea Cup Cafe on the way to the Alamos show at the Press Club. It wasn't necessarily light the world on fire dim sum but they're open for dinner, the dim sum was fine, and way more food than two people could possible finish was $18. Oh and they also have tofu skin which was rated the best item on the table.

Anonymous said...

I remember Scott refused to admit he was stubborn.


Anonymous said...

Love the sui mai and Kliban ornaments. I outta track those ornaments down on eBay since my cat is pretty Klibanesque.

Remember how KJ kept insisting during the 2008 that "people" were comparing him to Obama? He turned out to be more like Sarah Palin quitting. There was a big fawning essay in the Atlantic about Caroline Rhee, so that's more likely his gameplan.  In the meanwhile, if he's bored could we get an actual mayor? Somebody like Cory Booker would be nice.

beckler said...

I know, we can just tell him he's honorary mayor or king or something and give him a little office in the basement of city hall.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I went to Fortune House a few times and I thought it was excellent, and the last few times its been terrible! Such extremes...