Monday, October 27, 2014

clown controversy

Wow, a coworker just did this: "hi, how are you?" me: Fine. He: you don't look fine. Me: Really? He: yeah you look really tired. OUCH. I think that is soooo rude. I only say that when people say they are tired or sick, then I might agree. And I thought I looked fine. I mean, I only got like 6 hours of sleep but I don't feel tired. Jeez, now I have to worry about how my resting face looks. Guess I better walk around with a fake smile. I didn't say it that enthusiastically, in his defense.
This article on the clown art at Pancake Circus is SO RAD! The stuff about the art that was too controversial is insane. Some band folks are in town tomorrow before the King Tuff show and I think I might take them there. Hope they aren't all vegans. No offense to vegans, but usually half of any given band is vegan and it is hard to find a place to take one. PS, the article notes that it MC Ham's grandpa opened it as Al and Bud's Platter in 1961. He and his wife also opened Trails. Which, by the way is staying open longer because the sale fell through. I only pray that someone is going to keep it a restaurant.
Speaking of restaurants, just a reminder that Masullo is open on Sundays now! And yesterday he had bread for sale too! It was pretty dead when I stopped by at 6 to get takeout but I think once people know that it's a natural Sunday night dinner spot.

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Anonymous said...

Weird. My friend Jason told me that his grandfather opened Pancake Circus, Pancake Parade, and one other Pancake restaurant in the Sac area. He used to let homeless guys chose any item off the menu in exchange for cleaning up the parking lot saying at least they have a full stomach not trusting to give them cash. It would explain my friend's soft spot for homeless dudes.