Friday, October 31, 2014

spooooooky tunes

I am attempting to raise the dismal morale at my work and showing Beetlejuice over lunch yesterday and today. Man, does it hold up! I forgot that Michael Keaton doesn't enter the picture except in glimpses until 45 minutes in and steals the goddamned show. Katherine O'Hara and the principle from Ferris Bueller are great too. It's cool that it's not dated because Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin wear the same generic outfits the whole way through. Then it's not like "dude, 90s fashion" or any other distraction like "ha giant cellphones!) I can't wait to see Birdman, which opened at Tower today

2014 played in Stockton and it was soooo fun! It's very cute how the kids hope their new venue will help revitalize some really grim blocks downtown and I hope that it's true. There was a very gothy and punk band made up of members of Satan Wriders that was entertaining and Halloween appropriate.

I am playing an early spoooooky set at the Verge party tonight. Yes, this song kind of sucks but if you think about it it also kind of rules

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