Monday, November 03, 2014


I rarely look back at things I've written, but someone was mentioning eating bugs to me and I remembered that I had eaten one for a story once. This one was fun to write. This guy is a real character, but was also shy and reluctant to talk about himself. I wish I could have drawn him out and interviewed him for longer. Wow, I've been writing for the SNR for over 6 years. My very first thing was a review of a Kingsley Amis book, then interviews with Dal, Larry R. and Karlos. There's that classic pic of him and MOM above. The next one was with Mario Solis, and then Hmong New Year. I forgot about all of this stuff.
Classic line from the Solis one:
Best seller? Worst seller?
Best seller: Angry Angles. Their Apparent-Transparent 7-inch EP went through two pressings and sold 1,200 copies. Worst seller: the Four Eyes. I blame the format (it’s the lone CD in the Plastic Idol catalog).


DaveNinja said...

It was kind of him to blame is on the format. I do wonder if an LP version would have sold better or just be taking up more room now.

knock knock / 4 eyes at Bike Kitchen this satruday. there will be beer; there will be kids.

beckler said...

aw man, we are going to be out of town :{

beckler said...


I think I just invented a mustache emoticon guy (aka "hipster") see above