Wednesday, November 19, 2014

calling out Mark Trail

 You know you are married to the right person when he points out to you how awesome the Corti Bros ads are in the newspaper. Sometimes he cuts them out. Or rather that's how I know I'm married to the right person. By the way, do you read the Corti newsletter? Priceless.
 He also pointed out that the point of Mark Trial in the last week has been to show his gf in a bikini. Her name is CHERRY?!?
 and he finds this just as funny as I do. I agree WuMo is terrible (it replaced Doonesbury) but there are many other comic strips that are worse than Mark Trail. Nevertheless, bravo Ron O'Conner for penning this sure-to-be-controversial letter.
 This is by my house and I marvel at it every time I pass. Tiny baby hands.
This is one of my favorite cocktails - from Lowbrau. It has gin and a yogurt liqueur sounds gross but it's not! Brunch was pleasantly un-crowded at 11 am on Sunday.
Oh yeah, and I realized today that I have not looked at the best summer ever blog in like two years. I think maybe since it moved? So there went an hour there.


beckler said...

aha! got it. she just put all the posts up!

yolkie said...

that back massage window painting is glorious! thanks for bringing it into my life