Friday, November 21, 2014


I was really bummed on Heckarap and didn't get any new songs together and then very pleasantly surprised that it turned out fun. These dudes Machona and Amir are big supporters and they have been encouraging us to stick with it. They dj'ed a set and Machona did a few songs. They had mics and basically toasted, giving shoutouts to the Kings, me and Mike, whatever. Crowd def. arrived late and ebbed and flowed, but not too bad and looked like people were drinking. We got a ten dollar tip from a beautiful lady. She fell off her giant shoes a little later but was obviously having a lot of fun. Hope she feels ok today. This other women came up to me towards the end (she had come in late with a crew of 4) "can you play some hipster music? something that's not gangster? I don't mean to be rude". I was busy and didn't know what to say exactly but I wished I would have asked her for an example of hipster music.

A lot of people arrived about 15-20 minutes to close and I'm guessing they came from something else but I'm not sure what. I know there was something at the Golden Bear. It was really nice to have other DJs cuz then me and MC Ham could dance and hang out in a relaxed, not having to pick a song every second way. We are supposed to team up with those dudes to step up the promotion. We should probably be flyering at Ignorant and Bubble Butt, which is a new night on Monday. I was joking that I don't know what you have to do at the Press to get your night canceled, but now I really hope that doesn't happen. We are already scheduled til January.

There were some very lovely young ladies at our night dressed in a 90s, Sky Ferreira way (I don't know how else to describe it), who were sort of rave or goth dancing while Machona rapped and Mike C. laughed that we have the weirdest night in Sac and we sat there and basked in it. I killed with Aaliyah at the end (to the 5 people still dancing) and this (below) is obviously the song of the moment. I love this song!! I feel like it's giving Big Sean more cred. He has been popular for a while but he is usually a leading candidate for Softest Rapper In The Gamer (the top honor goes to Drake, obviously), but this is a step up. I like him but up until this he hadn't really earned my respect. Which I know is super important to him.


Cody S. said...

I can't watch video at work, but is that the "I don't give a fuck I don't give a fuck I don't give a fuck" song? I hear kids playing that out of their cell phones all the time and I hate it so much. Not that I know what I'm talking about when it comes to rap, so maybe it's just hearing it out of crappy cell phone speakers. I also heard it on the radio, and I think it's funny they even bother playing it when the catchy part is edited down to every few words. Obviously folks don't care since it's such a hit. Weird, man.

Cody S. said...

I sound like such a square!

beckler said...

I agree that there is no reason to play it if it's edited, but I really like it. I hate when songs are played on the radio with half of it bleeped out.

I am so used to listening to rap and turning my brain off that I didn't even think about how fucked up the lyrics are until after I posted it and then had some anxiety about that but it's too late now. It's on my permanent record.

Natalie Rose said...

Its OK Cody I am a total square too. Actually it doesn't mean we are squares,
we just have different tastes.

I just think there are people who can shut off lyrics and people who can't.
9 times out of 10 I can't do it either.

Glad to hear he is so, so strong on his pledge to not fuck with that bitch. Also name checking Arsenio.


Natalie Rose said...

My bad it is in fact E-40 who name checks Arsenio, He also is not so blatantly declaring his intention to not fuck with said bitch.

He also wants his friend Pimp C to rest in peace.

He dies when the syrup he was drinking aggravated his sleep apnea.. Which is actually pretty sad.

Maybe I should just read hip hop lyrics and pntificate grandma style about them.

And Becky, I for one don't judge you in the least for posting it.
Its your blog, you love the song and I know for a fact that you would never actually agree with someone talking to a lady like this.

Except for the Arsenio thing, you might get behind that.


beckler said...

although big sean says it's not about his ex naya rivera (who is from glee) I don't see any way that it's not, and she does seem like she probably sucks pretty bad, and he probably does too. e-40 also mentions sacramento!

Anonymous said...

I like this song, but it is so sad ass on the radio.