Thursday, November 13, 2014

this sounds like an andy rooney segment

Where did the practice of a cashier saying "that will be five dollars" start? Why isn't it "it's five dollars"? It's like it's softening the act of asking you for money by casting it into the future. I also hate "I'll help whoever is next". Boy, do I hate that one, especially because it is often uttered while the person is looking right at me. Just say "I can help you"! Or, if you aren't looking at me "I can help the next person"!

The Bling Ring total garbage. It's not a movie, it's the Pretty Woman shopping montage with cooler music. Really slight. It makes Spring Breakers look deep.

I enjoyed Birdman quite a bit. Michael Keaton is a wonder in it. After watching Beetlejuice recently and tripping on how good he was and then this I'm wondering if I need to revisit his movies but what would I watch? I don't really like any Batman movies all that much. Mr. Mom? Looking at imdb I am remembering I liked Gung Ho as a kid. Wow, he wasn't in that many movies! Oh yeah, Night Shift! Going to the top of the ol' queue. I like the description in imdb uses the word "nebbish".

Looking at this I'm wondering why Michael Keaton is such a big star? I guess just Batman and Beetlejuice? Anyway, glad he's back! Ed Norton is awesome in Birdman, too. I see Oscar for Keaton.

....and I bought Gone Girl in the Long Beach airport because I had 6 hours to kill. There's a deal where you can buy a book new there and then return it for half off in a store in SMF sometime in the next six months. I'm sure there is little chance I will remember to bring it back but you never know. The writing is bad but it's a very fun book. Perfect for an airport. Speaking of the Long Beach Airport (which I am), if you hang out there for six hours you will hear many people remarking in surprise about what a nice airport it is. For some reason it is just such a cozy, pleasant airport. Have you been?


Scott Miller said...

I highly recommend the day-trip of flying to Long Beach in the morning, hanging out in the airport all day & flying back that night.

Anonymous said...

Ha Scott!

It is a really, really nice airport though. I fly in and out of there for work, and it beats the shit out of the other LA-area airports

Another surprisingly terrific airport - San Jose.


Caroline said...

Keaton is a scene stealer in Much Ado About Nothing.

Bling Ring was suuuuuccccch a snooooooozeeeeee.

Anonymous said...

Beachwood on draft at LBC.


beckler said...

that's just what I wanted while I was there: more beer