Wednesday, November 12, 2014

best best fest

Smiller and I went to the Shelton Beer Fest in San Pedro this last weekend and wow it was by a million miles the best beer event I've ever been to. Pretty much every single good brewery in the world was there. We're talkin' Prairie, Drie Fonteinin, (gasp) Cantillon, De Ranke, Mikkeller, Nogne O, Jester King, De Molen and more and more and more. Our hotel in Pedro was like a UN of brewers. In the morning you'd see all of them talking and hanging out (just like regular people!)

There were situations where lines would get really long for tastes of certain rare beers but then you could just wait until those were gone and stroll up with no line for a pour of Cantillon gueze. Good enough for me! I reminded myself that De Ranke Kriek is my favorite kriek in the world. I need to get some of it. No need to search far and wide for magical cherries - I like theirs the best. I tried a Mikkeller/Three Floyds collabo blueberry sour that blew my freaking mind! I don't think I can get it again so I will have to live with that. It tasted just like lambrusco. I also met a very nice brewer from Magic Rock in northern England and drank a pale made with mango that was surprisingly good.

The big celeb news at the beer fest was that one of the Hanson Brothers was there the whole weekend because they have a brewery and that Emilio Estevez came because he owns a wine/beer spot in SoCal.

I had lots of adventures at the fest and in LA, including trips to Roscoe's, Canter's and a place called Fantasy Castle packed with some very nice ladies, but I didn't take any pictures!

That fest was the best. I will go back next year.

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