Monday, November 24, 2014

is that a pigdog?

 Saturday Satan Wriders played at Café Colonial. I freaking love Satan Wriders. They are playing Sunday in Stockton and who knows maybe I will go? Manny's keeps coming up in conversation and I wanna eat there hella bad, so I could kill those two wonderful, wonderful birds with one stone.
 I am so picky about bagels that I hardly ever eat bagels. I had bagels a couple of weeks ago, just because I got some to go from Canter's, but I don't even think Canter's bagels are that great. They are just better than any of the bagels in Sac. Yesterday I finally got to to go to Beauty's in Oakland for their Montreal style bagels. That fucking Beauty above was STILL WARM when I ate it. Montreal-style bagels are wood-fired and usually sesame. Me and smiller had them at St. Vieateur in Montreal which is open 24 hours a day! You sit there and watch the bagel come out of an oven on a little conveyer belt which drops it right into your mouth. Or at least that's how I remember it. Doing that late at night is the best idea in the world. That's it - I'm making it my goal to go back to Montreal this next summer. It's been too long for how much I loved it. That and Schwartz's are reason enough.
 In addition to scarfing down the hot bagel I had a smoked trout salad sandwich that was delish, and a bite of lox that melted like butter.
 This dog was in the UCB art museum in a rather lame folk art exhibit. Clearly the work of an untrained artist.
How long has Corti Bros display case full of 17th century pasta tools been up? Has it been there and I just didn't notice it? Corti Bros never stops blowing my mind or draining my wallet. I highly recommend the Basque Cake. It is "almost too good" as the ad says below. It tastes like a really good poundcake with walnuts.


Stephen Glass said...

Best thing about Canter's isn't the bagels, but the 70-year-old wisecracking waitresses. Seriously, one practically did a whole routine for my friends and me once while I was chomping down a chopped liver-and-brisket on rye with some reuben knishes.

beckler said...

I love Canter's! Just not the bagels so much. Oy the matzoh ball soup is to die for. I almost got the chopped liver and brisket but got a reuben instead. Beauty's also has a bagel sandwich with chopped liver mustard and pickles. I am going to have to go back there soon.

Stephen Glass said...

Canter's turned up in the most recent season of "Mad Men," playing itself (Peter takes Don there for some nosh). The only thing cooler than Canter's is the place dressed up like it's 1969, an effect that was likely not too hard to achieve. Anyway, it made me hungry. Because yeah, their matzoh ball soup is the bomb.