Friday, October 24, 2014

Why, Allo

Wow, there's a really good and very intimate article on Arts and Leisure in the bee today. They are playing with Allo Darlin at WR on Saturday and I'm stoked.
I went to the corn maze in Dixon last night. It really is big. Like certified as the world's biggest. Some (me) would say too big. If I hadn't had people leading me through it I would still be there. I was no help navigating and instead played scary music on my phone. The best were the Psycho theme and some EDM Halloween music.
It's also a pumpkin patch and they have so many cool pumpkins and they are so cheap! Seems like a great place to go with kids. Instead of getting some 20 dollar heirloom warty green pumpkin at the coop just go to Dixon. It will be fun and even with the gas you will save $.

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