Monday, June 20, 2016

missed opportunities

So I like Carla Meyer as the food reviewer for the Bee. She's got a bit less of an edge than BAR, but there's still some bite (heh) to her reviews, she's no pushover. She uses a certain turn of phrase like "the celery thrills" and "the harissa tantalizes" a bit too often, but that's not too bad. BUT she's been in over a year and there is a decided lack of interest in cheaper spots and "ethnic" spots, especially in the south area.  I am getting bored with reading about some spot in El Dorado Hills I'm never going to visit but nothing surprising, no little discovery out on Mack Road. She doesn't seem particularly interested. I don't think it's out of line to point out that BAR would sometimes glean some of his tips from this very blog and go on to review the place, like with Asian CafĂ© (which by the way has different owners now and I had a very sad meal there a few months ago).

For instance, tonight I'm going to go eat at Tanoor Halal before I go see Conjuring 2 (so excited!) There's a spot worthy of a review. I'm probably going to eat this meat pie thingy that they have that is bomb. And pretty much the only Mexican she has written about it Cielito Lindo, and like, a review of Dos Coyotes for it's 25th anniversary. Little Saigon is the culinary jewel of this area, and if she's not reviewing places there at least a couple of times a year she's not reflecting the food culture of Sacramento.


DJ Rick said...

Tanoor Halal is pretty great.
I need to go back to it more often.
Seems like Meyer might as well conduct an indepth taste test of all the vanilla ice cream pints available at Whole Foods at or above the $7 price point and write about that.

DJ Rick said...

Becky, have you been to Taqueria Los Immortales on the corner of Franklin and Fruitridge?

Its menu, logo, and employee polo shirts suggest that it's still very much part of the La Fiesta/La Favorita family--although the existence of torta de pierna (pork leg sandwich)--is still pretty unique, so it's nothing extraordinary foodwise, but the murals of "Los Immortales" on their walls are quite a trip of unexpected juxtaposition. It's worth a gander and a chuckle at least.

beckler said...

I certainly like the name Los Immortales! LOL on the vanilla ice cream.

Cody S. said...

The murals at Los Immortales are one of the Seven Wonders of Sac, in my opinion. It's real close to La Favorita/La Fiesta, but I usually get al pastor burritos and theirs seem a little more...saucy?