Thursday, June 23, 2016

My Brazy Life

My mom's in town. She lives in Mexico on the coast but she a) hates the sun b) hates the beach/ocean c) told me this morning she never eats out because she can cook better things at home. Yep, sounds like the Mexican Riviera is the perfect place for her! She was saying the peso's down to almost 20 to a dollar. That is crazy! I have to go to Mexico at some point soon. It's so rad, I don't know why I don't go there more. JP was just in Mexico City and from FB his trip looks rad. It's been a few years now since I was there but I loved it.
I've been listening to the new YG Album a lot. It's a'ight. I didn't like Twist My Fingaz when it came out as a single a long-ass time ago, because it's too on-the-nose G Funk and not that creative, but in contrast to the rest of the album it's almost the best song. YG needs to get back with DJ Mustard! I was texting Nic about it and he pointed out that Mustard needs YG, too, which is true. He's getting into some like, adult contemporary territory lately and needs to get back to his roots. It's still good, but not a classic like My Krazy Life. The best part is that there's a track with Kamaiyah and Drake, but it's not Kamaiyah's best. It doesn't really showcase her talent. Still, it will bring her to the masses. Look how cute she is! I recommend her album, maybe the best of the year so far?

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