Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Boogaloo 2016

 So yeah, Burger Boogaloo. What a rad fest. Even though there wasn't a band on the bill that I think of as a don't-miss, it's still the best fest around. I think I will try to go every year for at least one day. I guess we dodged a bullet by just going on the second day (even though the lineup wasn't as good). I hear people had to wait in line for hours on the first day. It was hot, too!
 The last time I went was in 2014, when the Bananas played, but this year (and I guess last year), they moved to two stages, which made things run better. All the sets pretty much started and ended on time. This is the Dwarves. I had never heard them before and I only watched a few minutes. I found out that Stinky's Peepshow was going on in a tent at the same time, and MOM was in there pouring ranch dressing into people's mouths. I watched Lil Heather get a dry packet of gravy get poured in her mouth, too.
There were two stages, Dirty Mouth and Tassel Castle. This is Death Valley Girls at Tassel Castle. I thought they were good!
 Seth Bogart was the headliner. It was rad. I got emo about it and wrote a thing for the SNR, because he mentioned Orlando. John Waters introduced him and called him a performer of dubious distinction, putting him in league with Divine!
The original Mummies ambulance was there! I wish I could have seen them Saturday. I heard they drove it up to the stage and played on top of it.
 The Bananas played at the Starline in Oakland with Panty Raid after. I thought it would be a dive, but it actually had fancy food and biodynamic wine. I had a nice glass of Gamay downstairs.
Finally, their name in lights! Panty Raid had only practiced once but they were really fun and Seth wore a jock strap (hot!) Burger is allrightallrightallright!


DJ Rick said...

We moved our annual delayed-spring-break day-rager ranch camping trip forward this year by a week so as not to conflict with Burger Boogaloo, and then the Burger Boogaloo moved ahead a week, too. I am doomed to miss this thing every year, I guess.

Scott Miller said...

Our name in lights. On the wall beside us.