Friday, December 16, 2016

Twice yearly posting whether I need to or not

So, it's been a good six months since I posted. Maybe it's time! Partially this is because my browser is having some fight with facebook and I was stymied in posting that E-40 had just posted a (fabulous) picture of himself on Instagram that he captioned "E-Feezable Belafonte Balogiono Bellwether". That's it, simple. I wanted to share that, but I might as well make a post.
Yesterday I checked out the new Kru. Man, it is fancy inside! I was actually relieved to see that the menu seems exactly the same (maybe smaller?) because I thought it might be too cool and expensive for me now. Like when you have a friend in a band and they kind of blow up and get press but then you hang with them and you're like, "Oh, it's just so-and-so, they're still chill". I started off with a drink of Nikka Taketsuru because the description on the drink menu contained the words "sherry" and "smoke". It was very smoky and Scotch-like. I ordered it with one ice cube. I had actually started the night with a Pulp from Fieldwork, which was good enough that I got a crowler of it. So at this point I'm sipping pure liquor and reminding myself to drink slowly! That's hard for me, I am a chugger.
We had a reservation at 8, and one thing I hate is when you make a reservation for a restaurant and then when you go it was clear you didn't need one and there are a bunch of empty tables. For some reason that always makes me feel like a rube, but in this case, not only was it packed at 8 on a Thursday, but we had to wait at least 15 minutes (maybe more?) for a table. Anyway, crowded, beautiful yadda yadda. I really like the huge black and white seafood x-ray photos  near the bar.
The table got the mushroom salad, which is a Kru classic. I think it's bigger than it used to be but with less mushrooms and more lettuce. The only problem was with pacing. Two people got their entrees and two people got nada for a long time. It was awkward for those that had food. And then my appetizer came out way later than my nigiri mix, but I guess the waiter had made that decision based on the heaviness of the appetizer, and told someone else. Regardless, I didn't hear.
My nigiri mix was good as always, but the real standout was the smoked duck skewers. Wonderful. Will order again. I want to go for omakase there, I have never done it. I'm excited for new Kru but bummed it's not in my neighborhood anymore but glad they take reservations. How much does omakase cost? Is it like "if you have to ask you can't afford it" territory?
Top tens? Who is interested in some top tens for 2016. I'll tell you bottom ten was either a) ovarian tumor or b) Trump.
The Witch was probably my favorite. I nominate Black Phillip for best actor. Midnight Special was really good, with Jeff Nichols being a favorite young director and it's always awesome when he teams up with Michael Shannon. Not as good as Take Shelter, though. Walked out on Everybody Wants Some, was that maybe my only walkout? I can't believe Linklater made that crap. I wish I had walked out on that terrible beige Woody Allen movie, I had to look up the name just now. Café Society. Conjuring 2 was not as good as 1 but not bad. OK, I'll rank:
1)The Witch
2) Moonlight
4) Manchester by the sea
I don't think I saw a single funny movie this year. I don't tend to go to comedies, and the ones I did were not really funny.
Maybe I will post about records next week. Or whatevs.


DaveNinja said...

yay, new post!

Scott Miller said...

Top 5 records of 2016:
1. Big Star - 3rd
2. Velvet Underground s/t
3. Felt - Pictorial Jackson Review
4. Kim Kardashian - Me
5. Globs - Do You Fee Weird?

Cody S. said...

The Witch may have been my favorite movie of the year, too. The director Robert Eggers is working on a Nosferatu movie and a Rasputin bio next, and I feel like I'm way more excited for those than if any other director was attached.

DaveNinja said...

Kubo of the 2 Strings was probably my favorite from last year. I also liked Captain America Civil War a lot.

Jefferson said...

Yay! Your return really seems like a holiday miracle!

Anonymous said...

Return of Heckasac ... to tell us about hazy-juicy brew!


(Omakase runs about $80-100 a person.)