Thursday, December 29, 2016

Go to Co Do and order the Mi Quang, people

Fucking Kings! That game was pathetic. The Trailblazers were terrible, and went so cold late in the game, but the Kings were worse. They couldn't capitalize on the five minutes where the Blazers didn't score.

I had a burger at Pangaea last night, and yes, their burger is really juicy and delicious, Burger Battle winner, etc., but I just like a small burger. Hope Rodney isn't readying this. Probably not! Like one of my favorite burgers is from that beach shack in Stinson Beach and I like it because it's small and it has mustard on it. I want a thin, charred patty, a whatever bun, some special sauce and shredded lettuce. I was just writing up my piece for Edible on Vietnamese soups and as I was eating that burger I was thinking about how much more vivid and satisfying most of those soups were than just a huge hunk of fatty meat. I want some herbs, and fish sauce, and heat, not just a slab of meat. Long story short: Vietnamese food is tops.

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