Thursday, December 22, 2016

soup soup soup

I am on call at work so I have to absolutely stay until 5. I think pretty much everyone else has left, since we are about to go into a four day holiday.  Somehow I also ended up on call on Tuesday, too?

I'm working on a really short piece on Vietnamese soups for Edible magazine. It has new owners, so I'm checking it out again. The old owners had problems, one problem being inexperience with owning a magazine. These new owners own Edible Reno. Anyway, I just keep going back to Co Do. It's my favorite Vietnamese restaurant right now. So far I've had their bun bo hue, bun mam vit, mi quang noodles (kind of a soup, more like a noodle dish) and their bun rieu. Two standouts are the mi quang and the bun mam vit. I'm going back tomorrow and then I'll write some blurbs. I thought the bun mam vit (duck noodle soup) would be boring but it had this smokiness that floored me. The duck was dry, however.

Nine more minutes till I'm off call and I can blow this dive for four days. Yay!


DaveNinja said...

Co Do needs to open a shop in DoCo

DJ Rick said...

Co Do in DoCo?
If they do, it'd be a coup.

Becky, have you tried the nondescriptly-named Thai/Lao Cafe in the same strip as Bahn Cuon Tay Ho? It's scratching the same itch for me that Asian Cafe used to.

beckler said...

I thought it went out of business? It was called Thai/Lao Café, correct? And last time I was near there I thought it was already OOB. Have you been there recently?

beckler said...

Correction: bun mang vit!

DJ Rick said...

I've been to Thai/Lao Cafe very recently.
Seems to be doing quite well.