Tuesday, January 03, 2017

not really, but sorta

I made hoppin' John on New Year's Day. You don't come here for professional food photos, right? I do feel like it's good luck to eat certain foods on that day. No really, but sorta. I used ham hocks I got from Taylor's. There was a lot of meat in 5 bucks worth of ham hock. And collards. And andouille from Morant's, which was really just over the top. The meat on the hocks was enough. Everything tasted better the next day, and of course needed to be doused liberally with Krystal hot sauce. Speaking of Krystal, I have been craving Souths's fried chicken ever since I had it a couple of weeks ago. Will have to go again soon.

Struggling a bit into the new year, with some bad energy happening, but I think I'm clear of that now. I'm about to go on call for a week so no drinking for a week, which is a good way to start the year. I worked out four times last week! That is huge for me. Or I should say rare. It's not really even #goals, but it felt good. I also checked out the Asha bathhouse. Pretty cool. Go when the weather is cold!

Can I recommend that everyone watch Paris Is Burning (I had to get the DVD in the mail, so I'm not sure how you can access it on your various media outlets) and follow the voguehouseofnewyork Instagram account? OK, well maybe not everyone loves that as much as me. But if you ever saw Paris is Burning and liked it, and are on Instagram, check it out.


Caroline said...

Was gonna send you an email, but why not post here?

I didn't have hoppin' john this year since I was on the road (1-5 on New Years is a dream!) but I should make some this week anyway. After a few weeks of holiday eating and being on the road I have been cooking up a storm lately. Yesterday was a slam dunk, crab rangoons in a chile-lime broth, and noodles with broiled pork in a asian ginger-lime vinaigrette. From the Williams-Sonoma soup and salad of the day books, respectively. My faves. It was painful not to have a beer with the salty soup but I made it!!

I really liked the bathhouse! The price is right and next time I'll definitely do some of the DIY kits to stretch it out. However, it did wipe me out and I went to bed at 8:45 that night ha. I'm going to try to do cycling 2x a week, I'll keep you in the loop.

beckler said...

Those recipes sound really good. My week of not drinking starts today. I think I might spin today, I'll email you!

It's true 25 bucks is cheap for the bathhouse, maybe I will bring my own salt scrub or terrifying mask next time

Caroline said...

I spun at noon! I ran into your friend Allison, I met her in Reno :)

Anonymous said...

Would Asha be big-kid-friendly? Wi Spa is always such a good spot cause I can bring S and she loves that kind of thing as much as I do.


Caroline said...

I think it is!

p.s. DKK I kinda need more of your lemons, I keep dreaming about them.

beckler said...

I have extra Meyer lemons that are going to go bad, should I drop some on your porch?

Yes, totally kid friendly.

Caroline said...

Yes bring 'em by!! Or tomorrow I can walk over if SM will be around, I think it should be not raining.

beckler said...

he is around, and I forgot to bring them to drop off on my way home

yolkie said...

As far as I know, Paris is Burning is streaming on Netflix and it is one of my all time favs! Everyone once in awhile I get self-conscious about constantly documenting things and then I watch a good documentary that makes me so glad that someone took the time to capture that particular moment.