Friday, January 20, 2017

American Carnage: over

Trump is prez. Let the long national nightmare begin. Smiller and I were going to the coast but canceled due to the storm(s), so I'll be at the march tomorrow. My mom is going to a women's march in Mazatlán as well, pretty cool. You better believe they are just as bummed as we are down there!

I heard the new Migos hit yesterday, and as a long-time Migos fan (since right after Bando, although Bando has never been a favorite), I'm not quite sure why Bad and Boujee is taking off the way it is. It's pretty good, but they have so many other songs that are even catchier. Regardless, kudos to Migos, who I'm sure are faithful readers of Heckasac. I plan to watch Atlanta soon, I know they are in it in some capacity.

Tonight is some Leanord Cohen tribute show at Starlite that I've heard EC is singing in? I hope I can stay awake to make it.


DJ Rick said...

The coast is at its best during a storm!
I'd love to go this weekend if it wasn't impossible to have fun in light of this travesty.

beckler said...

Except we were staying at the point reyes hostel, which is super bare bones. If we had a nice cabin, with, ferinstance, a fireplace and hot tub, I would have been down to still go.