Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Be adequite

The band spankrock (that brew saw in SF last night) has a song called lindsay lohan that sez her vag looks like a "baby rat" and tells her to "put that pussy away". Funny. This tshirt was also making me laugh.

This Fortunato Brothers review is going to make some people I know mad and is also comple bullshit. Fortunato Bros has a great cappucino and I don't even really like cannoli but theirs is the best (guess what else is probably going to fall in quality because of NYs stupid trans fat ban? Cannoli.-If I lived there I would be rioting in the streets. I would have a lard-in in the mayor's office)


Anonymous said...

Lard is not a trans fat. You could have a shortening-in.
How were cannolis made before the 40's, when trans fats starting taking over the fat world? Most traditional recipes probably will taste better made the old-fashioned way, whatever that is.

Anonymous said...

there are better cappucinos to be found in billyburgbah, but that is not why i go to fortunatos.
vaffanculo! to the article, not you beckasac.

beckler said...

I never thought that lard was a trans fat, and then I read in one of the articles about this issue that it is, and that completely changed my mind about the debate. But I guess it's not, so then I support the ban.

Josh said...

Fortunato has ok espresso in my opinion but Gimme Coffee fucking sucks. Where do you go Alicia?

beckler said...

We went to Cafe Grumpy when I was there, but it's kind of a schlep. Gorilla coffee is supposed to be good. And you like the St. Helens coffee, right?

Anonymous said...

I like Grumpy's cappuccino the best, then St. Helens and 9th St (in alphabet city). Otherwise, there's noplace that makes me very happy (I haven't tried Joe, which is supposed to be good despite its irritating name). I agree that Gimme isn't very good, but it's definitely better than Gorilla, which I think is hardly better than, say, Tillie's or Ozzie's or any of the countless "gourmet" cafes in New York that are worse than 50-cent deli coffee.