Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Edokko 2: The return of the ramen.

Ricksha and Wakano Ura are both closed on monday (at least they didn't answer their phones around 2) so in search of Japanese comfort food I went to Edokko II on Florin you get on 5 south and get off at the 43rd ave exit, turn right onto Riverside and then left onto Florin and it's right there on your right. So good and so cheap! Unbelievably cheap. I got the mapo tofu ramen which was described as spicy tofu and ground pork. It was 6.75 and it was so giant I had to take some home. Me and GW split a large hot sake and it was 4.95. The place was filled up with cute families and everything that everyone was getting was very intriguing. I can't wait to go back and try more. Why can't New Edokko and Edokko 2 switch places?

Hey you guys, don't forget that the Jonathan Richman show is this saturday at Marilyn's. That is always a good time.

I'm making chopped liver for a Hanukah celebration I'm going to. Does anyone have a recommendation for where I can pick up a pound of chicken livers? Making schmaltz is so much work, I don't think I'm going to bother. Where am I supposed to get like four pounds of chicken skin?! Oy.


Beth said...

Well, New Edokko is closed so I don't think you want them to switch places. A new place is going in, and from what I heard (which may not be reliable), it's a local chain sushi place. Because we needed more of those.

I didn't love New Edokko (their sushi was awful) but I am really bummed to lose the only real noodle place downtown.

beckler said...

do you mean a mikuni? or something else? you would think a ramen place would be a natural fit for that area due to the cheapness of it (the prices at pho bac are similar and it thrives) but maybe new edokko was just too crappy to survive.

Anonymous said...

Taka's had a pretty decent Ramen - better than New Edokko in my opinion. I don't know if Zen Sushi is offering it now.
Considering how trendy noodle bars are in Europe and NY I am surprised it hasn't trickled down to Sac yet.


Beth said...

No, it's not a Mikuni, but the person who told me said he thought it was a different Roseville chain. There is a sign up at the restaurant, I just can't remember what it's called. It starts with an M and I think it's a two-syllable word.

New Edokko survived there for a long time. It was further west on Broadway for a long time before it moved to that spot. It wasn't the best restaurant in town but I am really going to miss it. I don't really like ramen but I loved their udon selection.

Anonymous said...

New Edokko is now Mana, I haven't tried it yet tho.' Losing a ramen place within walking distance of my house is crushing me.

As for the chopped chicken livers. I happen to be reading a book right now about various food topics including chopped chicken liver and apparently the trick is to pull it out of the oven before the livers are done all the way. If you pull them out when they're still a little pink the residual heat will finish cooking them outside the oven. Apparently if you let them cook through all the way in the oven then your liver will get tough.

mmmmm chicken liver.

Anonymous said...

>Where am I supposed to get like four >pounds of chicken skin?! Oy.

Better make a quick call to your local Moyl. Trust me, no one will know the difference.

Yes, the ramens and udons at Florin Rd. Edokko are great! Now that New Edokko is gone, people won't cornfuse the two restaurants...

beckler said...

that mohel joke is gross!!! this just in: the edokko leftovers were even better today than they were last night! and it was almost enough for another meal. the spicy broth was very comforting because i am feeling sorry for myself due to apocalypto-induced neck spasming

beckler said...

taylors has chicken livers for sale in case you were wondering

Anonymous said...

New Edokko's Udons and Curries were always good, and the prices were decent too. though the sushi was defnitely crap.

here's a link to some encouraging info on the transition. so you can quit flipping out about the dreaded chains:

Anonymous said...

I don't think that preferring local businesses over chains & being concerned that more & more chains are coming to Sac can really be considered "freaking out". I'm glad that it turns out to be a local business that's opening there - but come on, chains are a legitimate concern.


beckler said...

smiller, you are such a lib looser, go take your meds!

and to the anony-mouse who thinks i am freaking about chains (wrong, i am freaking while wearing gold chains) this is what i had to say about the ramen at new edokko when i went there (it was painful for me to look at an old entry but i did it):

I had planned on getting the challenge ramen but I wanted more than just chicken in my ramen so I went for the chanpon men. This was a ramen that was touted as containing pork, shrimp, squid, fish cake and vegetables in pork broth. I ordered it because I wanted a sampling of the various ingredients. It wasn't until after was done eating that I realized that my chanpon men actually only contained pork and three medium-sized shrimp. Lame! I would have said something to the server but I forgot what the menu had promised. The vegetables weren't too exciting, either and the cuts of pork were fatty. The selection of veggies was heavily weighted towards canned bamboo shoots, which are nasty as hell. To me they smell (and subsequently, taste) like pee. I'm making the ramen sound worse than it was. Once I added some of the pepper flakes on the table, which balanced out the flavor of the broth, it was OK. That was eight bucks and it was quite filling.

so, I still stand by saying that new edokko was pretty crap, even the ramen. and it cost a buck more for a mediocre bowl of it that smelled like pee!

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

i said "flipping out", because noone bothered to acutally look into anything before dropping such horrific words as "Roseville", "chain" and "Mikuni".

and yeah, i've had things at New Edokko that were gross, but there were a few that became staples.

and speaking of anonymice

Anonymous said...

This is from that link someone just posted:

"Edokko was originally opened in the Pocket/ Greenhaven area. We ate there often. Then the owners sold. They opened New Edokko on Broadway and we enjoyed it. They sold the place about a year ago and reports were that it had gone downhill. The owners opened a new place in the Pocket."

So from the above, I gleen that Edokko 2 on Florin Rd is the original Edokko? The original owners of of Edokko 2 then sold it and opened New Edokko on Broadway and in turn, sold that one. And then they opened another place in the Pocket? My head, she is spinning.

Ok, so "mohel" is how it's spelled. In any case, he's still your best bet for substitute chicken skins (Ancient Chinese Secret).


beckler said...

I was asking if she meant it would be a mikuni I wasn't dropping anything. If you follow the mouse's link you see that capital tea garden has been ordered to close!!!!!!!! noooo!!! i wonder if cheung hing gets to stay open? I could never believe that they can get away with the open vat of chicken parts for sale in the semi-refrigerated veggie case. Lil joe's has also been shut down.

Beth said...

I'm sorry, the Roseville thing was my fault, and the person who told me what Mana was DID tell me it was a local chain from the Arden area. I get all those suburban places confused.

That place is supposed to be very good, but I'd rather have mediocre noodles (not that I thought the udon was mediocre ... I actually loved NE's udon) than another damn sushi place.

Anonymous said...

'...Lil joe's has been shut down.'

Ok, no need to panic.

They cleaned things up and were open again pretty much immediately. whew... thought i was gonna have to move.


Anonymous said...

Hey, how much are steaks at Lil Joe's now? I think I still have some of their matchbooks stashed with my camping gear--the old matches tout their old price of $2.99


beckler said...

it finally dawned on me why the person posted this link. the old new edokko (now mana) is closed down cuz of squirmin' vermin? i was confused because it said mana at 17th and broadway and i just scrolled down and saw capitol tea garden and posted.

Anonymous said...

the only one on that list that has not had its permit reinstated is curtis park market. but that makes sense, seeing how ghetto curtis park is.

Wingnutamy said...

From what I understand, Edokko on Florin has nothing to do with Broadway.

But ain't Edokko 2 great?!

#70 with beef. yummo.

Anonymous said...

exactly, beckler.

it sucks for Mana that their name is the one that shows up on that report, though at that time, they weren't even open under the new name. so the problem probably originated from New Eddoko. it is strange that Kathmandu kitchen next door doesn't seem to have a problem though?

vermincelli anyone?

Cody said...

for those of you that aren't going to see jonathan richman on the 16th, there's a house party with music provided by jay baker, the swiss family skiers (from sf) and the return of the nog dogs (featuring members of rock the light). if you're interested ask someone who knows about it, or e-mail me at codyjscottatgmaildotcom.

Anonymous said...

I'm late to the conversation but Mana on Alta Arden is quite good but I don't get out there as much as I'd like. They have delicious moyashi. They also have those great toilet/electric bidet things. Titillating! I'll be very excited if New Edokko is indeed being replaced by Mana. -gw

typographica said...

Yes Mana on AA is great. The NEW ramen place on 24th and 2nd, where that sketchy Thai place used to be, is FAAANTASTIC. Better than any of the three Edokkos ever were...

Kathmandu is closed now too, as of 2 weeks ago ... I think they didn't have the bad health reports because they have a brand new kitchen after last year's fire.