Monday, December 01, 2008

huge post

I can't really sum up this video in words, just in feelings, and I can't describe those feelings in words.

However, I can sum up the picture below: if you have ever thought about making an apple pie with cardamon (cardamom?) and a dash of black pepper. Go for it, live a little, it's great.  I don't have a picture of the finished dude because it is a scarred ugly mess, as usual (curse you, Gourmet cookbook and your shattering crust)
I accidentally had my camera on the sepia setting at the Appetite Enhancement Ride 2008, but for taking a picture of Mark Miller that's pretty appropriate.  He would look so old timey if his apron didn't have a Ben Davis logo.
OK, Hmong New Year at Cal Expo.  I wrote a thing that will be in the News and Review on it, so here's the pictures.  

I think these people were working the Vientianne booth.  They had sweet sticky rice and pork in bamboo tubes.
This girl was eating pho, and she put on her hat to do it.
They are very serious about their papaya salad at this.  This is Hmong style!
One small example of the fashion, which was totally off the chain.
How bad-ass is this woman?

Hmong sausage.  
Tending the meat.  The air was sooo smoky.
See how smoky?
More meat.  That's "American sausage" (looked like kielbasa) and pork ribs on the right.
These ladies were working a papaya salad window.  They made it fresh and each order took about five minutes to prepare.
Hmong master grill
Does anyone know the deal with this?  The elders would line up across from each other and toss tennis balls.
Cool hat
Here are the ball tossing rules.  They are sensible.
Best thing I've ever done at Cal Expo, and that's kind of saying a lot.


Nicki said...

Awesome pics! I live in Georgia so I don't get to see all the New Year festivals elsewhere

Anonymous said...

That pie was the best! So sweet and savory.
That sausage is making really hungry, and I just ate lunch but as it wasn't sausage I am still hungry.
and the video just blows my mind everytime I watch it.


Liv Moe said...

That video was confusing in the best possible way.

Anonymous said...

You caught my former coworker Peng thowing something into the trash on Hmong NYear pic#2. The rutheless paparrazi...


Anonymous said...

ball tossing is a traditional Hmong courting ritual. those guys and ladies were either courting or playing for fun. t

Count Mockula said...

Oh, anonymous beat me to it. My students come dressed in traditional Hmong dress on New Year, and it's awesome -- the guy clothes, which you didn't get a good photo of, are all covered in jingling coins, and the din is both incredible and lovely.

beckler said...

So, I guess now it's probably mostly the old people because the young people are embarrassed by it.