Tuesday, December 02, 2008

stuff to do

I'm at a training thing tomorrow, so no posts.  There's a show at Funcastle thursday at 8.  Standard Tribesman and Harlem.  Tonight there's a gamelan ensemble at Delta of Venus, which I actually bet would be pretty cool, especially with the help of some weed.

And you guys  know about the Midmo holiday fundraiser, right? Come around 6 to catch Daisy Spot.


beckler said...

Corti is quoted in the nytimes article on the closing of the Copia center in Napa. Interesting? To me, yes.


There's an article on white russians, too, which reminded me: did anybody go the liebowski fest at west cap bowl?

Anonymous said...

yea!!! Daisy Spot. Eff Ricky Berger!

White Russians!!! Weed!!! Liebowski!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you anonymous on most things, but leave Ricky Berger alone. She is a cute little imp, why would you want to diss her?


beckler said...

I am looking forward to checking her out.