Monday, March 07, 2011


I went to the Bok Kai parade for the first time on Saturday. It's a 131 year old parade that's held in Marysville. There were a lot of Shriners. They will put a fez on anything, even a car.

These Shriners on go-carts were terrifying. They had these fast criss-cross formations, but I really wasn't confident that they wouldn't go careening into the crowd.
oh shit, here come the Clampers!
The only visibly drunk parade-r that I saw was a Clamper wider
This hot rod was pretty badass and has "The Willo" stenciled on the side.
It took goddamn forever to get this big dragon going, but it was worth it.
Then, we did some Yuba area thrifting and RC found this tie. Just a regular old tie, right?


Anonymous said...

Whoa. Could have used a warning for this post. Not safe for work!

I am pretty sure someone caught me trying to scroll past that steamy tie as fast as I could. Or at the very least, someone saw the smoke from my mouse's scroll wheel as it was burning rubber.

Cody said...

Totally jealous of that tie.

beckler said...


Anonymous said...

oh man! who has the tie?


Anonymous said...

Soon, my dear Skpr, it will be yours. Please remind the kiddos who found it for you.

beckler said...

that tie is not suitable for wearing around children