Monday, December 19, 2011

They Did It Again

You may have heard that the Beach Boys are touring (the real ones, no Stamos) and that they re-recorded "Get Together" - (duh, "Do It Again" is the name.  Says so right on the video) one of my faves - as a tour kick off.  Seeing them standing in their respective booths singing will not exactly get anyone's pulse racing, and is it just my computer, or do you all see the phrase "getty images" floating over the beach scenes?  Busted!  I think I spotted a session guy from Letterman's band in there, too.

This rendition is more fun (skip 40 secs in).  Note how cool Dennis looks.  I want to paint this backdrop on my garage wall.  Smiller, can we do that?  It won't be that hard.


Anonymous said...

Video won't play for me.


Anonymous said...

I like how they use the pop-screen on the mic to block out the face of the guy singing the high part.


Anonymous said...

Mike Love still sucks.