Monday, December 05, 2011


Tonight there's a house show for Aaron Zeff's birthday.  Sounds fun.  It's on undietacos.
 I stole these photos from this blog I like called  It is NSFW!!!!! It is barely SFH.  I think it's the modern Rollerderby, if anyone gives a fig about  my opinion.  Anyway, she's been hanging out with Danny Fields and these are some scanned photos of his.  He should do a book, based on these.
 Jonathan Richman.  Insane.  By the way, did you know he's playing the Blue Lamp tomorrow night?   It's not very well publicized.  I'm not psyched about a Tuesday show at the Blue Lamp, but he's a living legend and his shows are sometimes magical.


Thanks to Best Christmas Ever band for playing the MidMo party! Hopefully OMF will post some pictures somewhere?  They looked great.  We collected lots of toys for the kids at Sacramento Childrens Home and gave out good prizes.

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Anonymous said...

Good to see that huge pile of loot for the home. BCE was excellent. Ed