Thursday, December 08, 2011

Sonny Smith tonight!!

A call for a Jonathan Richman review was made:
We got there at 9 pm and it had already started!  He often tours without a backing band which is brilliant if you think about it.  He doesn't have to share any money and everyone will just be there for him regardless of who opens.  He didn't sing any songs I was familiar with from recordings (I have heard him play some of them live before) and they came in three languages (Spanish, Italian, French) with him translating as he went along, as usual. There was a good-sized crowd and he seemed stoked.  He sang a really funny song about how your body does not want to be overloaded with wine or surrounded by electromagnetic radiation and buzzing devices.  Awesome, as always.
 This is the quad in Davis right now!  What are they going to do about all these tents?  They really fucked themselves with that pepper spray incident.  There is indeed a 30 foot geodesic dome in the background there, just as the be-dreaded hippy woman promised.
 Bows has neat calendars with work from local artists including Liv Moe, Olivia, and a really nice page by Troy Mighty.  I was a little disappointed to find that it's not bound, but I guess I will pin the pages up as the year progresses.
 I had heard a buzz about the mushroom Reuben at Bows (from OMF) and he was right!  Delicious.  It's supposed to be on rye but they were temporarily out.  Jaymes makes her own sauerkraut (of course she does).  I love that perfect pickled carrot on top of the salad.
 This is the Italian roast pork with persimmon.  Good, but the pork was too fatty for me and the bread was a little soft.  Sorry, I'm a critic!  I love Fat Face!!!!  I also got a glass of cote du rhone and the pairing of a Victory Prima pilsner and a chocolate chip cookie was weirdly good.  Bows is such a wonderful place to hang out.  I tried to stay and see Dylan Barnes play his first (and only) solo show but it was just going too late.
This show is tonight.  It is not to be missed, IMHO.  Christine Shields' record is really good!  She has an etsy store.  I'm getting a cat ornament.  I might have to save up for one of those pillows.  Those are really good.  I'm curious to see Sonny Smith without the Sunsets.


Anonymous said...

Jonathan Richman is basically morphing in to a Spaniard!


beckler said...

The Beach Boys are being inducted into the California Hall of Fame tonight at the Memorial Auditorium. Here's your chance to trip Mike Love.

Anonymous said...

Not gonna lie I was not impressed by the Rueben when I had it a couple weeks back (no rye then, either), but am going to give another chance based on your rave. I want it to be my December food addiction,