Tuesday, October 08, 2013

fb dramz

criminy, I guess some fb stuff went down that I had a hand in.  I have been trying to not check as much, and not obsess on catching up with what everyone posts all the time.  I was doing good for a while, but come to think of it it's sneaking up on me. I looked on it the whole time on the train today because I hadn't brought anything to read.

The reason I am trying is because I can be an impulsive poster.  I have gotten a lot better about not sending impulsive emails. I get super caffeinated in the morning and get a lot of good ideas, but also get agitated sometimes.

LT posted about Blackbird closing and I didn't think about who she is friends with in the food world. I didn't post something horribly, but I have that chip on my shoulder about everyone paying attention to BAR's reviews and not mine, so I posted about my review and how the service continued to be terrible. I also said I hate writing bad reviews.  The chip is a thing, and frankly it is not going to fade, but at least I cop to it. I have faults, what can I say?

I never saw it, partially cuz I had a nagging feeling I shouldn't have written that, but I guess it got gnarly and servers from there got on there and said thanks a lot for gloating, etc.  Oh jeez.  BAR alluded to it in here.

I'm def not saying that was alll about what I posted and I hope to god I didn't have much to do with it, but I am scared to look.

Oh well, what I wrote was really not that bad. I was not gloating in any way. I wanted them to be better, but I guess that was not the reason they closed anyways.

blah blah fb blah


Anonymous said...

FB intervention!!!


beckler said...

I intervened on myself.

DJ Rick said...

I only see references to anonymous gloaters in that article. If you signed your name to a non-gloaty and substantiated opinion, I wouldn't feel any guilt.

undercover caterer said...

Eh. The service was awful. Every time I went, sorry to say. And I am truly SORRY TO SAY IT. But it was. Maybe not always the servers fault--food timing issues, being left to sit for ages, not acknowledging I was there--were they understaffed? Was the kitchen not able to time dishes correctly? I dunno. Too bad.

Agreed that your gloating is not anonymous if it's on FB. No big.

Also, why are vegetarian places always called something like Mother's? Mother's, Mums, 2 Mothers, etc

Anonymous said...

I think the Mother thing is referring to the "mother" as a starter for bread dough/vinegar/kombucha/all things vegans-vegetarians love to eat.


Anonymous said...

There was a Mother set up at Old I last night, and I assumed they were named after the Danzig song. Also it smelled and looked good and I'm pretty sure there were non-vegan things too.


beckler said...

good one cody! that would be awesome