Tuesday, October 29, 2013

only in Japan

OK, more Japan photos after the jump
I joked about getting sick of Japanese food before I left, because the variety makes it hard, but it did happen and I did eat burgers at times.  Especially Mos Burger, which has some really good fake burgers and has a special sauce.

This is a famous statue at Shinjuku station (which is so insanely crowded at times that it's actually frightening). It's also a great place to meet up. I had forgotten the story of this dog when LV proposed meeting here and then when I read it I totally cried (which I'm sure I did last time too). OMG the picture of the family gathered around him after he died.
This is how amazing Japan is: we were going to a psych fest show with LV and we were like "let's go eat dinner first". We randomly picked a place around the corner, the first place we saw, and no big deal, it was just a sushi restaurant where you pick the sushi on a screen and it comes to you via conveyer belt.  The plates stop right in front of you then the empty plate whisks away.
Oversized boiled pig angle
I regret I did not order this

The pieces were very cheap so the sea urchin was kinda gross.  It was similar to Ricksha on dollar night R.I.P.
LV drank grapefruit soda and shochu, which I saw a lot. I drank sake and beer.

Here is a blurry picture of the buttons you pushed to get the plate to go away
LV had a strawberry parfait to end his meal and it had cornflakes under the ice cream.  I have to say I have never seen a skinny guy eat so much. I think he had like 30 pieces of nigiri or something. It was awe-inspiring.
Then to the "psych fest" which was really a tiny show that made me, uh, pscyhed. 

The two guys on the right are two brothers and they were two of the most classicly beautiful dudes I have ever seen, plus sitar come on.  The guy with the long hair studied music in Colorado and the guy on the right studied it in India, natch.  LV worked with Go I think, or worked with a guy who worked with him.  Another co-worker of his was in attendance and it didn't take long to find out he was into the Dead.

There were so good.  What a fun night. Only in Japan


beckler said...

oh yeah, and in Japan they list the calories on at least half of the foods (even in restaurants - probably part of the secret to their insanely slim society) and I was shocked at how many calories sushi has. It's like 90 per two pieces or more. Not that that should stop anyone.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics! I want to try a sushi ordering machine.

Anonymous said...

That's not that many calories. That means it takes about a dozen pieces of sushi to equal one good-sized slice of pizza. That seems about right.