Monday, October 07, 2013


Show tonight! Babies! Sneeze Attack! One other band! They are good! Members of Woods and Vivian Girls! Pop music! Vegan food! 8PM! Next to the Colonial Theater! Be there! If you dare! Don't be square!


DJ Rick said...

Wedding planning permitting, I'm totally there. So stoked to be able to walk to a rad show and eat food (and BYOB if so inclined).

captcha: chominess 52

Anonymous said...

there's a worthy downtown house show tonight too- *five rivers house* @ 315 V street- BATH PARTY // VASAS // LAST DYING POP STAR - [bath party are killer stuff from portland and would love to see an audience] $4+ 8-10pm only

beckler said...

we're going to this beer bar in tokyo with this on their website:

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Bar get a taste of artisan produce, whiskey, beer is Craftheads. I'll be waiting for you