Monday, December 09, 2013

honey pics

I in fact did not rip it all this weekend, still continued my streak of staying in in the biting cold (which I am loving - a real winter finally). Below see that we are still enjoying the delicious honey we got from Bee Local in Portland. We bought a honey dipper so that we could drizzle (ugh that word sucks) without making a mess. Paired it with some pt. reyes blue. Also see below the new Faction Brewing taphouse/brewery in Alameda at the military base. The view of SF from there is incredible. It's in the same row as St. George Spirits. Picked up a bottle of their absinthe and I forgot how above and beyond it is. No need to drink it any other way than with an icecube and a tiny splash of water.

Anyway, Faction: excellent hoppy brews. I tried two special ones, but not the flagship one yet. Lowbrau recently tapped a Defcon 3, so expect to see these beers here soon. Exciting brewery and a stop to add to your list especially if you are also visiting Drake's or the Trappist.  Bottom pic is pretty self-explanatory.

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