Thursday, December 26, 2013


Whew, UCD is like a ghost town. Jeez, between Heckarap and having to get up early on Christmas Eve day and Christmas Day to do Xmas stuff and then the U st party I am pretty exhausted. Then I got to work at 830 and I couldn't even get into my building. It's pretty pointless for me to be here. After all, 90% of my work is lab reviews or the resulting paperwork (the other 10% is meetings which are not happening either) and if you think a single professor has scheduled a review before the 2nd you don't know professors. Cushest job in the world! And super overpaid IMHO. Almost everyone at UCD is overpaid IMHO. Overpaid on the backs of the students.

I was spoiled because I have had these two weeks of work off (without having to use vacation) for the previous 10 years and before that I was in college when we got, what? 4 weeks off? This is the time of year when smiller used to get bitter that nothing good was on the internet but now he does not have time for the internet.

Anyone else at work? Natalie? Can you amuse me with what is going on at the work desk right now?
We have a new Xmas tradition where I make a dish called "Spanish chicken" for Scott's dad. Scott's grandma Juanita used to make it. A Welsh woman named Juanita. It's if really funny 60s food but I doctor it up. It calls for two entire cans of Campbells cream soup and a pound and a half of cheese. I make my own white sauce supplemented by a little cream of mushroom. It has tortilla strips, salsa, olives, muschrooms and chicken in it. I did not use canned mushrooms.


Natalie Rose said...

Happily not at work. Just rolled in from the Cruz.


Snufkin said...

My department's closed, but I'm working from home thanks to the VPN. Which means streaming some pretty great (and free) documentaries in the background:

Tropicalia - history of the Brazilian psychedelic rock and political activism of the 60s.

Cannibal Tours -