Friday, December 20, 2013

todd barry

I get to interview Todd Barry for the SNR! Hope he's nice! This is funny! He will be at the comedy spot jan 17th and 18th


Anonymous said...

make sure to call him "funnyman Todd Barry" in your article.

he used to date my friend Tricia. make sure to tell him that she's happily married and has two kids now.

also, spend the whole interview asking him about the famous people he knows. Ex: "What's Louie CK like?"


Anonymous said...

edit: Louis

beckler said...

i think i will be a bit out of my league if i try to start giving him shit. i tried to be funny to neil hamburger and he kinda bagged on me a little bit but in an awesome well-deserved way. if anyone is going to insult me i hope it's someone who has made a career out of insulting kiedis

Anonymous said...

BTW I almost went to this show last night and didn't.