Friday, March 14, 2014

I ain't never scared

Have you checked out the neighborhood news site? It seems pretty cool and useful. I posted about that 24th and g robbery last week and today the police posted on there that they had arrested 4 suspects in 2 different robberies in the area.

OMG Heckarap was seriously off the chain. It was just magic. Everyone was so psyched! Clyde did a good set and was talking us up bigtime. The best part is trading off songs with Mike C. It's hard holding it down all by yourself so I like the tradeoff bit at the end.  Songs that I killed with: Crack by 2 Chainz, Karate Chop by Future and Never Scared by Bone Crusher. After I saw the reaction to Never Scared I saw that crunk was in order and played Move Bitch which also was a hit. Pretty much the crowd was open to whatever. Thizzle Dance killed of course.

 It was gratifying to see that people like the classic and the new. They prefer a mix, as do I. I am looking forward to the next one on April 17th, but also just savoring how fun that was and appreciating it.  Trying to be in the moment, for once.


beckler said...

oh shit, the 4 eyes shamrockin' show is tomorrow at 8 am! 13th and K! it's part of the half-marathon. the last time was one of my most memorable four eyes shows ever and that is saying A LOT

Anonymous said...

michael/ jackson/ billie/ jean LOL

-2 chaphs

DJ Rick said...

Experiences with seem to differ depending on which neighborhood you're in. The Tahoe Park Neighborhood Association is so gung-ho about Nextdoor that they've succeeded in creating a huge dragnet of peer pressure to get a very large enrollment into it, and there are several very active people on it. I know it has turned off a lotta folks who prefer something less intrusive as a means to keep up-to-date with neighborhood happenings, but some of the realtor/agents who specialize in the area like to brag on the high enrollment rate of Tahoe Park residents on Nextdoor as if it's proof that they're a more engaged neighborhood than others. I actually witnessed some rather direct smack-talk about Colonial Heights from one of these Tahoe Park cheerleader-bullies. I was like "OMG...f'real?" 'cos it was so high-school-ish.

Meanwhile, here in my 'hood, we also have a pretty high rate of participation on Nextdoor, but a simple GoogleGroups communications system seems to be preferred by most, and at best the Nextdoor thing is duplicative of that, and at worst, it is missing a lot of the stuff that trips across the GoogleGroup.

Last summer, after a small spate of thefts from detached garages with hinged doors on 55th Street, communication on that GoogleGroup was very proactive in diagnosing the trend, and by the end of that week and four such burglaries, that thread developed into a live documentation of an attempted fifth burlary, and the suspect was caught. People were stoked, and I was especially stoked that the communication in our hood has never much veered into the territory of "I saw a kid with a hoodie walking by" (although occasionally people seem to wanna blame Eli's Mini-Mart/Pizza/Subs/Burritos/Check Cashing/Smoke Shop/XXX for promoting prostitution by selling snacks and soft drinks to women in short skirts).