Monday, March 10, 2014

what did you do?

Had a perfect Sac day on Saturday. Went out walking to meet Ryan and Rodney about Foodways stuff. Met at the new Insight. Nice, although I paid 3.25 for iced tea in a small glass with no refill??

Then ran into Matt S. and had lunch at Estelle's. It was an insane croque monsieur that was broiled with the mayo on the outside. Next time I will just ask for a regular one if they can do that. It was still tasty, it's just hard to eat a sandwich with mayo on the outside. I think that's why it usually goes inside.

Then we walked down to the convention center to look at the costumes and ran into Matt M., who was able to tell me what all the nerds were dressed as.

Then later Mark K. celebrated his 40th at a party right near my house. Who doesn't love a party near their house.

Also, hot city German sour night on Friday was really fun. It's really cool that the beer scene is at a point where you could have a night this specific. Standouts were the quince goze and the Freigeist/Jester King collabo Sauer Power. After that, tank house, where I had two tumblers of the High West "Campfire" whiskey, which is scotch-like and smoky (without the scotch medicinal quality) and then to Larry's dance night, which is super fun. Friday dance party! Perfect.

I guess my whole weekend was super sac cuz I walked to the other Insight, passing the nerds again and then walking by Capitol Beer Fest on the Capitol Mall (it was massive). Then I ran into KRA and had a great talk about Michael Haneke, and then later to a delicious meal at Ryu Jin. Even at 830 it was packed with a short waiting list. Love that place. I got the spicy map tofu ramen. There were some Japanese kids there with absurd tshirts "keep rocking and love punk" in the "keep calm and carry on" design.

What did you do? Any beer week events?


DaveNinja said...

I saw a Bane and some other cosplayas by the K st entrance of the convention center yesterday.

4 eyes are playing at 13th and K next sunday morning. Aint no show like a 8am show. We'll be shamrockin were a guy dressed as Bane once walked.

I'm sad I missed the con and will have to go next year.

beckler said...

shamrockin was one of my most memorable 4 eyes show so I will be there.

Jeez, another robbery in my hood. 24th and G on Saturday night right after midnight. I was at a party 4 blocks away the other night and left right after 9. Friends insisted they drive me home and I felt stupid but looks like it was probably a good decision.

14-063441 (Robbery): G St / 24th St at 0059 hours.

A victim was walking when approached by two subjects. They pushed him down and assaulted him before taking his money. The suspect fled south on 24th St. One suspect was described as a black male adult in his 20s wearing a red hooded sweatshirt. The second suspect was described as a black male adult wearing a tan hooded sweatshirt.

beckler said...

I put it on so now the police spokeswoman will probably have to comment.

beckler said...

I think there were many Banes. I saw 2 paunchy grey-haired Kirks. I say at least dye your hair dark temporarily. Commit! You could also wear a girdle like I think Shatner did some of the time.

DB said...

Some of the time?!

beckler said...

in his shirtless scenes there was obviously no girdle. there were some episodes where he looked more ripped than the picture below.

DB said...

That's clearly a custom-made, flesh-colored girdle.

beckler said...

H8ters gonna h8ate