Thursday, March 06, 2014


Did you know that Shatner is going to be at this weekends Comic-Con? And that for 250 bucks you can meet Liam Hemsworth and Stan Lee? Instead, what I will do is observe the fashion outside. Free!

Scott wanted me to post a picture of this because he's sad I don't post pictures like this but instead put them on fb. I actually don't put them on fb any more but sometimes on Foodways I guess. Regardless we drank this Beautification and this beer is truly closest that America comes to Cantillon or Drie Fonteinen. Reminds me the most of DF. We drank it and I was eating some manchego and I instantly had a sense memory of hanging in Belgium. I wasn't even consciously evaluating it as something akin to a Euro beer. I wish it was possible to get Russian River sours.


yolkie said...

So I'm going to New York for the first time ever at the end of the month. Anybody have any must hit spots?


beckler said...

I want to go to Russ and Daughters hella bad but didn't have time on my last visit. I mostly ate overpriced overrated Brooklyn food (but still had a great trip).