Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Right side of the 'Traxx

I am FINALLY off after hours call, so I can drinkdrinkdrink of the sweet beer nectar tonight. Very excited to go to the Bike Dog tap takeover at Magpie. Two of my favorite things combined into one!

Thursday is a stellar beer week event in Roseville if you can find a DD: Northwest brewers night including Heater Allen and Logsdon kegs. Friday Hot City Pizza is having sour night. Man, I wish I was drinking a Bike Dog IPA right now but at least I will be in about 6 hours.

I took a peek at Witch Room and I'm stoked. I feel like bands I know had just really come around to Bows as a venue a few months before it's closed so everyone is beyond happy to have it back.

Also, Larry's DJ night at Sidetraxx is now every Friday. Finally, a dance night that those of us with 9-5 jobs can go to without being absolutely useless at work the next day. I like Sidetraxx. The patios rule, and the dance floor is well-situated. And they have a drink with gummy bears in it.


beckler said...

Magpie was soooo good again! The chicken for 2 had chervil pesto. I don't know if I've had chervil but it was really juicy and grassy. I loved it! I had a Bike Dog Mosaic, double IPA, and milk stout and they were all fucking great. I wish I had had room for dessert because the avocado chocolate mousse would have been good with it.

DB said...

The infused milk stouts that BikeDog served at their event last weekend were also pretty damn good.