Friday, April 04, 2014

album nostalgia

OK, so album covers that scared the crap out of me. There are many many many more. I think quite a few of them were designed by Hipgnosis. The top four were for sure

Jesus Christ, horrifying
This Led Zep one is more subtly scary and in an awesome way. It's like some 2001 obelisk shit. What is the object? Why is this creepily perfect family staring at it?

This one I was fascinated with in a pervy way cuz of how far down the jumpsuit goes.
So amazing
Love this one.  In the album there is a order form for a teacher of this that must be the best tshirt ever. Thin 70s girl tee.
Fuccckkk! This one is from a Breughel painting called "the triumph of death" and it is about the black plague. So intricate that I stared at it FOREVER!

This is another hipgnosis one that isn't creepy but tells an awesome story that I would muse on. Obviously an executive breaking up with his mistress. My dad loves 10cc.

And of course ANYTHING to do with Pink Floyd The Wall was the scariest.

Loved the Ummagumma cover because of the house of mirrors endless aspect. You know that that was probably done with exacto knives and glue. All these years later I notice how weird it is that the album in the picture is Gigi

Another cool Hipgnosis/10cc cover. I had my dad explain the bends to me because of this.

Loved this one, loved the terrible song "Dreamer".
Makes me sad that kids don't have this now because it really made my imagination run wild. I'm sure they have other things like that, but it was such a window into the adult world but in a way that was just scary enough to be fascinating. It wasn't nightmare scary like horror movies or anything.

And of course, MC Ham's aunt and uncle were responsible for some good 80s metal ones (which my dad didn't listen to) like the quiet riot mask and the Van Halen angel with the cigarette.


Anonymous said...

This reel to reel fucked with me as a kid:


beckler said...

Actually, I take it back. I'm not sure kids do have other things like this. Another thing that evoked the same feelings were movie posters - which I saw at the video store. Kids are just seeing thumbnail sized versions of these images now.

DJ Rick said...

Any hand-drawn Funkadelic cover captivated my for ages like a Where's Waldo poster.

Anonymous said...

Those Led Zeppelin covers are terrifying - each one contained one of their records! shudder.


beckler said...


The Armeniac said...

I was so stoked to see Hipgnosis mentioned so often! 2nd best prog album aert unit in history!