Thursday, April 17, 2014

Kanye wishes

I think it's funny that in 2 Kanye West songs, one pre and one post-Kim, he mentions that after years together he deserves a ménage a trois. I'm thinking there's a 50/50 chance Kim is not down with that. She is super nasty for sure, but I don't think there has ever been the slightest mention that she is into the ladies.

Wow, speaking of infidelity, I just started season 6 of Mad Men to get ready to watch 7 and jeez the cheating is just rampant. I won't say who! I know it has been but now it's more depressing than ever. 

Heckarap tonight! I am positive it is going to be popping off because of a couple of birthdays in the house. However, some people have kind of wrested control over the schedule and it's a little unsettling. I know it will be fun regardless and this will be the only time that will happen. I get way less nervous now about djing.

Nar on Friday! Monumental. Both bass players (not at the same time)! Old Ironsides.


Stephen Glass said...

I was reading an interview with Gay Talese the other day at where he was talking about the "Mad Men" era in Manhattan in he said something that I'd never really thought about, at least not from this angle: "In my generation, you got married FOR the sexual freedom, because you couldn’t have premarital contact. Marriage was freedom for these men, because they could have affairs."

beckler said...