Monday, April 07, 2014


Had a fun bout of light daydrinking on Sunday and a fantastic Mikkeller with brett on draft at Lowbrau. We had a dog with us and turns out Block currently won't do a charcuterie board for outside but the guys up front wrapped up some meat and pate and cheese for us and I bought crackers and cornichons and voila! There was also a Berryessa golden ale and even though it was Berryessa I just don't like that style. The yeast is gross to me, and it probably had a high ABV I am guessing. Oh and a warm pretzel with the cheese sauce that was perfect.

Boy is Sac into Sunday daydrinking! So many buzzed folks at Lowbrau and saw a guy staggering down the street at like 2.

I did my drinking on Sunday cuz I stayed very sober for the Buff $lut dance party to DJ. I was so flattered to be asked and it was a lot of fun although many people stayed on the patio and didn't come on the dance floor or watch MOM, which was surprising. I went right after MOM and it was pretty funny because she had just peed on the floor and sponged the host down with blood so they had to rope off the whole front part. Funny because I didn't have to clean it up, although I did clean the blood off Sergio.

I felt very pro to DJ with a Bay Area dude who was soooooo nice. The local guys who went first vibed me out cuz I guess I'm not pro enough, ha ha. One of them didn't even say hi and later wastedly said I looked like Drew Carey, although in fairness I had just claimed that Drew Carey was my dad (not worth explaining). Whatevs, I don't care to be pro. I made people dance more than they did and that's all I care about. I did a warm up set too because they eschewed playing until more people were there. I just want to enjoy the music so I was happy to spin for a few peeps who were stoked early in the night.

People enjoyed the e-40 wine although I personally would not touch the mangoscato at 18% alcohol. Fuck no!


Anonymous said...

I think I'm too much of a wimp to ever intentionally go see MOM.


beckler said...

everyone was scared and I was like "don't worry" and then that was by far the craziest I have ever seen. I have never seen her ahem, have a bodily function or hit anyone with any fluids besides something innocuous like milk. Well, I may have just fled when it looked like I might have been hit by something. I can't recall.