Monday, January 12, 2015

2014 and 2015

I had a really fun, kinda busy weekend. Sac is really hopping these days. Thursday night I went to see Tig Notaro (it was unseasonably warm if you recall) and was biking around areas I never see, like where University of Beer is. It was packed, including the patio and I'm not gonna hate. I might not hang there but it looked like a place you would see in a city that's open at night and makes things livelier if you are out walking around.
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 On the recommendation of a Hmong friend, we went to Thai House of Noodles on Watt in North Highlands. She advised that you can ask for some things Lao style, like papaya salad. These were wings coated in sticky-sweet tamarind sauce. They looked like small versions of the Pok Pok wings I always must get in Portland and indeed they were similar. Best thing I had there.
 It's next door to Sol Cubano, the regions sole Cuban joint. I need to get there soon for the Cuban sandwich. A grilled ham and cheese sandwich with pickles and mustard? If anyone has a better national sandwich I'd like to hear about it. Croque Monseur talk to the hand with your lack of pickles! I will even say that every great sandwich has pickles. Dare I? I darest. I doth dare, verily
 Here's beef larb, Lao style. I can't help but compare all larb to Asian CafĂ© which is a high bar. AC can border on too salty, though. Look at those whole green chiles! I steered clear but Scott regretted taking a bite. This take on larb was beefy, almost steak-y, and had a lot of toasted rice flour. Good.
 LOL 3 way get it? This place was packed with big parties, including a large Ukrainian or Russian family. NH has a lot of immigrants from that area. That stretch of Watt is so diverse. Pattaya Thai is also very good. There's quaint quirky Touch Of Britain, Stolichny, the Korean market with a cute diner inside, and I also saw a Mexican seafood place I don't know. In addition to Cuban AND Golden Corral. I think it beats any similar stretch on Stockton for diversity.
 Oh look, it's B Legit, hanging at weird Oshima Noodles/Coyote Taphouse, formerly Brew It Up.
 I found out at 10pm that Iamsu! was gonna be there. His album was my second favorite of last year behind YG. Probably everyone you see in this line behind me did not get in because it sold out shortly after I got in. It was rad, as rad as a show with 40 dudes on stage where one guy raps over himself can be. Still, good times and relatively good vibes considering the crush of people. Had to run from a big girl fight, though
Before that, was a really good vibes show at The Hideaway Hope they have more shows! It was crowded and it's a comfortable place to hang with a patio and decent food. The sucky male bartender was the talk of the bar. 2015 is a 2014 cover band and they were good, but can't top the originals. The resemblance is not bad, though.


DJ Rick said...

North Watt's diversity of food is indeed greater than Stockton Blvd's, even if I do say so myself as a southside provincialist. Add Lou's Burger to the list of diversity because you can't get an old-fashioned milkshake on Stockton. However, North Watt cannot compete in diversity of hookers.

beckler said...

especially since they closed that one motel down

Jay said...

That bartender tried to give me two nickels instead of two quarters for my change.

DJ Rick said...

Oh, the Economy Inn? I tried getting in there for some photos. Scarier than I expected.

It seems like the average age of ladies on Watt plummeted to about 16½ after that place was closed.