Friday, January 16, 2015

young people

Scott pointed out something about young people (probably younger than any of you reading out there, although I guess I would count some that are edging up to 30) they say "amazing" a lot, even if it's not warranted. Now you'll notice it. They are easily amazed I guess, which is not a bad trait. They also put "lol" into written communication reflexively, not always to indicate something funny. It's just peppered in there.

Fun new video for a song I like that's been out for a while. Typical creative, weird (amazing!) Young Thug lyrics. "Catch me ridin' with them slimes, them my youngins"
Heckarap was fun. It's like a new crowd drifts in every ten minutes, so it's a completely different vibe every time I look up. I enjoyed Mike C.'s set a lot, and Amir (aka Slap God) took over the decks to play the latest latest as usual.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ms President-

Do you know what would be amazing? lol!
If you could update your link to the halloween blog from 2014 to 2015.

Amazingly yours, (lol)
The Youth of Today (no the oldies band, lol)

Anonymous said...

I've been wary of "amazing" in recent years too. Another one is "epic." What do you now call things that are actually amazing or epic of everything is??


beckler said...

I was reading a Fader piece on Tyler The Creator today and the writer (who like Tyler is 23) said that Tyler had made an "amazing" small lego house but would not let him photograph it. Maybe it was a really cool house, but how amazing could a small lego house be? Also, Tyler's quotes range from "I hate everything" to "I hate photographers" and then he tries to kill the writer by driving crazy. Sounds like an amazing guy.

Cody S. said...

I catch myself saying amazing a lot. I think it has to do with not wanting to say "cool," "rad," and "sweet" so much. I can't help it if the world is full of cool, rad, sweet, amazing things that I need to describe.

beckler said...

Huell Howser said it a lot. He got the kids started.