Thursday, January 22, 2015

hashtag live from the kitchen!

Malena and Margaux have a DJ night at Old I tonight. Should be cool. I am planning to cruise by, early-ish. Unrelated: a couple of people I trust have told me I have to really give the D'Angelo album time to grow on me. I am willing to devote the time.
 Ugh Blogger why are you so weird to upload this picture in a different orientation than I did? What is your problem. This is the nam kao tod at Asian CafĂ©, a dish I have written about ad nauseum. Crispy rice and fermented pork sausage. This time it was lacking the fiery dried chilies that are fun/scary to nibble on.
 Kao Poon! Love ya babe! K.I.T.
 I must have ordered the Lao sausage here before but I can't rightly recall. WB ordered it and I'm glad. I will probably order it every time now. I've had a lot of Hmong/Lao sausage and this might be the best. Very redolent of lemongrass and good mix of meat/fat. Not overly salty. Comes with total sting ring chile sauce that is great on sticky rice.
 Boom! Right in the middle you have a picture of Npire (on left, big bro of rapper C+, and Clyde aka Lurkavelly). They were performing at a legitimate rave I went to at Barfly that was very fun. You can't find much better people watching than 18 year old candy ravers. The setup had three rooms with DJs and my favorite one was the actual kitchen, which used to be the kitchen of Bacon and Butter. It was DJ Sushi from FM 103 playing R&B and early 2000s hip hop and he kept saying "live from the kitchen!" in his DJ voice. And "hashtag live from the kitchen", which I think was a joke. And then a guy started making French toast right next to him! The best. I think I got me and MC Ham a gig there in the future. Fingers crossed. Heckarap! Live from the kitchen!
 Oh man Yang's Noodles is so good! You know this. I love the tofu appetizer.
 Beef noodle soup has been praised to the heavens in the Bee and it deserves it. Stew-like beef, tangy rich broth and rustic noodles.
I like the smoked meat pancake better than the beef roll! I said it.


DJ Rick said...

Love livin' walking distance to Yang's!

Anonymous said...

I second the recommendation to "really give the D'Angelo album time to grow on" you. It's a slow-burner, not as in your face as Voodoo.