Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Chain and The Gang

So no pho recommendations, huh?
Saw Screature/G. Green/Chain and the Gang last night. I didn't know Ian Svenonius had a band called Chain and the Gang until not too long before the show, I was just going because of the local bands. Dude keeps is sooooo fricking real. The realest. He is punk as hell. I first saw Nation of Ulysses probably in 92, because Sassy had named him Sassiest Boy In America. Hmm...guess they broke up in fall 92 so maybe it was even 91. I got him to autograph my 7 inch at the Cattle Club. That must have been really weird for him to come from such a punk place and having suburban chubby teens ask him for his autograph but he was very nice about it. He drew little lucky charms doodles on it and I treasured it.
Here he is with Sac's own Tiger Trap!
Here's the sassy spread that started it all! Damn I wish I had saved them. The Kurt and Courtney one is on ebay for 180 right now. Anyway, last night....Ian elbowed in front of me to watch Screature and he really liked them. Then he and his cool-looking band changed into sharp gray shark skin suits and proceeded to put on a show. He has always been an insane front man. I saw the Make Up a couple of times, too, at big places like the Fillmore and he would always walk around on top of the crowd. Even with this small but enthusiastic crowd he gave it his all and was really funny and cool. He spread high fives around after and that 18 year old in me felt quite a thrill. Great show and Starlite is an OK venue. It's just about the only place, except for Café Colonial, so maybe there will be more shows there.


msilver said...

I actually took YOUR pho recommendation. I work in Natomas and it's a bit of a wasteland for food, I've found. Feel free to tell me I'm crazy.

I never got to see NOU but I bought a record by chance in high school and wish like hell I'd been proactive about finding a show at the time.

beckler said...

I only found out about it because it was at the Cattle Club and hence in Alive and Kicking. At that time I was not clued in to what was going on at the Loft and did not know where it was.

Scott Miller said...

Nerd. #LOL