Monday, November 10, 2008

cat circus

Hello, folks.  I'm on deadline for some Midmo stuff so not much time to post.  

I happened to be at Taylors on saturday when they were having their first wine tasting in the space next door.  It was from 1-4 and I can't tell if they're going to do it every saturday or once a month.  It was a crazy good deal of large tastes of 6 wines for 5 bucks and they had a lot of snacks out.  They had duck confit, figs, cheese, and other good stuff.

I guess I missed this cat circus at the Crest yesterday?!?!? Did anyone go?


talkaboutcharles said...

christine did!


beckler said...


Anonymous said...

Talk about Cats! Talk about Cats! Talk about Cats!

rican- slang for Puerto Ricans?

michele h said...

I think Taylor's is planning on having tastings every Saturday!

Anonymous said...

I went, and it was awesome! Nothing beats a cat getting a piggy-back ride from a dog walking on its hind legs.


Anonymous said...

The cats made a nice break for my kids and i from the No on Prop. 8 protest. There were a bunch of Ruskis/Ukraina in the audience...i think the cats are robots. Fantastic feats of feline fearlessness and the music was better than the disco at the march.