Wednesday, November 12, 2008

weird show

Heckasac is probably going to be powering down until next week because I'm going to Washington DC for a few days.  I have a list of many exciting places to eat.  What about museums? Last time I was there I was kind of paralyzed by my options and perhaps didn't utilize my time wisely.  I saw a bit of contemporary art, but I'd like to see more.

I forgot to mention the Dreamdate show on friday.  I loved it, what did some of you readers there think? These girls are adorable and fun. I wish I knew the name of my favorite song, because I didn't get to request it. I hope to see them play again soon.

The Boyfriendz/Ganglians/Woods show was weird.  I got there at 8:30 and missed Boyfriendz. Ganglians set up fairly quickly and played three (or maybe 4) songs and were then kicked off the stage by the sound guy against their will.  I don't get this because they were off the stage by 9:05.  That left two hours for the next two bands to play.  I would urge Luigis to not book four band shows if they are going to be fascist about the times.  I paid to see the Ganglians!


gorebacy said...

A few of my favorites places to eat: Pesce, Bistro D'Oc, Hank's Oyster Bar, Zatinya, 2 Amys, Pizzeria Paradiso, Market Lunch, Tabard Inn Restaurant, Kramerbooks & Afterwords.

As for museums, i don't know if it would be a horrible downer, but the Holocaust museum is really really good. The Sculpture Garden was our favorite retreat, with the huge fountain to soak your feet in after walking and standing around all day. The cafe in the American Indian museum was kinda fun too. The Newseum just opened, but i think it's like $20? The National Building Museum was really cool, despite being mostly empty. There's some interesting history on DC as a city and how it was built, among other rotating exhibits.

Anyways, I mostly went to the free Smithsonians and National buildings and blew all my cash on food.

beckler said...

oooh, Holocaust museum. Good idea.

Liv Moe said...

I've been wanting to go to the Corcoran forever!

Anonymous said...

Not even the fact that a Ganglian works at Luigi's got them some slack!!! Geez!

Anonymous said...

The Corcoran rules, I went there last year and saw the show on Modernism, it blew my socks off.


Anonymous said...

Take it from a sound guy. Most sound guys suck. It`s a slack job unless ya want more 2k on that cymbal.We pry free cds from bands and get paid while most bands don`t.It`s the only job where I got a ton free beer.We love kickin bands off stage cause we just wanna play our own cds while the next bands sets up.If your the Hollywood sound guy the first words that come out of your mouth is "this just won`t do.." and "don`t u have blah blah mic my goodness everybody has one of them." Never trust sound guys that has no interest in your music or can rattle off at least three songs off of Rush`s "moving pictures"Album.I think the best sound is a plug in play guy.One speaker,One cord and one mic.Mixing board? We don`t need now mixing boards!!!!So bands learn what those knobs are and sound dudes let`s be a little more open that are job isn`t so special.We`re just a little higher than the light tech dude..

I just wanna say the room at liugi`s sounds like a tin can.Maybe some bottom end would be most helpful to make the expierence more enjoyable.

But I`m so outta the music biz now and I wanna say is thanks..



Anonymous said...

Second the Holocaust museum, but buy tickets online ahead of time for sure.

leslie said...

I used to work at the Corcoran art school--VERY cold basement, but it is lovely upstairs, though i think the collection at the Hirschhorn is better. The Asian Art museum is a "must visit" also--especially the architecture of the building. Don't forget to get tickets to the Holocaust museum first--the place is always packed and extremely worth it.

La Colline used to be nice, but 2 Quail on Mass. Ave NE is incredible--i always used to see Barney Frank and Paul Simon lunching there (the Senator, not the singer).
Bon chance!

Anonymous said...

Treble the Holocaust Museum. I took a bunch of kids there a couple years ago and we were all blown away. Some of the exhibits close early. Definitely more rewarding than the Pentagon where these creepy guardsmen were attempting to flirt with some of my 13-year olds...

-- Patrone

fft said...

i see Luigi's as a potential co-op venue. when i do shows, the owners let me bring in 1) my sound guy, 2) a sub, and 3) 100% of the door goes to the bands. I've given bands upward of $800, and never less that $100, for a night.

if we're pissed about sound/lineup/set times, talk to the promoter. there's no reason KDVS shows should be using the house sound guy; it's embarrassing, and there are plenty of people who would gladly step in--and for cheap. also, we need to work as a community to find a co-op sub to bring in for certain shows (intelligence, c. stilts come to mind) to make sure that bands come away unequivocally impressed with their set/the venue. this will only bring them back--and bring more good shows to town.

it's in our hands.

Anonymous said...

The sound guy at the Crystal Stilts show was pretty cool. He was basically saying that the system they're working with sounds bad & they need a good sub-woofer but that he just tries to work with it & do his best. Luigi's needs to bite the bullet & upgrade the sound. Hold a benefit or something - but this isn't Fools, Espresso Metro, West Cap Bowl etc (all venues where you had to provide your own PA) - this is a place that's making like a real club. They make money on music & they need to get a working PA.


verification: extessea.

Anonymous said...

Here's that chile on spaghetti place I was telling you about.
It may be too far out of your way.

Anonymous said...

Throw a carpet on the floor and use a cheap shitty bass cabinet.I used one at the press which was my bass cabinet.It was so heavy I never carried it down the stairs.I would just let it roll down instead.That thing never broke down or blew out no matter how much I pushed it.If you have a three band night alternate a bass speaker from the bands that are playing.If they want to sound like they sound this might be an improvement.John Botch told me stories when he did sound for Stewart K which included a beer soaked mic,a torn cord and a 2 input sound system.When I was a Teenager then those were shows awesome.And for the most part ya never heard a noise from the sound guy.He/She were to busy watching the red and keeping it at full throttle or taping something up with duck tape.If I was to do best describe liugi`s room sound it would be like the first track off of Husker Du`s candy apple grey..Just ear piercing.Grant,dude? where the bass??I paid for shows and enjoyed the bands.The place is still in growing pains stage and hopefully things will get worked out.And anything that KDVS is thumbs up with me!!!But,you know the club is heading in the wrong direction when you hear "dude,you guys were great!!But I gotta pay the sound man"..And he was drinkin free suds all night.Bands find a friend who loves ya and let him be your sound guy.



Anonymous said...

Good points, Jay. I also wish clubs would let you bring your own door person. I'm sick of the surly dude who huffs and puffs because he has to look up from his Murakami book to stamp you.


Anonymous said...

That's one of the good things about the KDVS Presents shows. They have KDVS volunteers working the door & they're usually pretty friendly. And you don't have to pay them shit!


Anonymous said...

If there big and surly they should be reading Mishima.Murakami is quite arty and he`s the first person to mention when a nihonjin asks who`s your favorite Japanese Author.My favorite nihonjin author is Natsume Soeseki.He`s quite a down to earth fellow.I get up everyday at 5am and commute 2 hours to teach out in the counrty side.The kids love to ask me "what m*therf**ker mean".I just tell them it`s "totemo warui" or very bad..



Anonymous said...

Since the holocaust apparently never happened, I recommend going the the air and space museum and checking out the Spirit of St Louis, flown by friend of Der Fuhrer (and lousy parent) Chas Lindberg. It just hangs from the ceiling while you look at it and wonder how he flew so long without stopping to pee.


DJ Rick said...

I wish I had been there to help with stage management so that the Ganglians hadn't been cut off so early. I still don't know for sure what happened, so for all I know, maybe they took too long to set up (they are sorta prone to that problem).

I booked the show, and I never intend to book four bands on a weeknight. I like three-band bills and the comfortable pace that they have. But with The Woods being a late addition, there was really no other choice. I'd booked that as a Belaire show way back in early July and got the Ganglians on the bill from the outset. But the Woods are also one of Ganglians' favorite bands, and they're also likely more popular with KDVS listeners than all three of those other bands combined. So, we had a choice of having two shows that hurt each other's draw, or just combine it into one successful show for everyone.

Hopefully, it was still a successful show in other ways.

Friday better be at least half as huge as I expect. Or else I really need to not be booking shows in Sacto anymore. Everytime I expect 30+ and five people show up, it makes me sorta kick myself for not taking that job booking shows for pay in Barcelona.

beckler said...

I didn't think that the Ganglians took long to set up, and like I said, they got kicked off the stage at 9:05, which didn't make any sense as far as the pacing of the show.

steve said...

dreamdate is my favorite band. the splinterz were the most fun ever. that was a great show except for that crappy other band. It was worth going to by myself. If I can convince Sourpatch to come through, check them out.