Tuesday, November 04, 2008

vote for Maries

Well, I voted (of course).  No lines.  It was great.  My polling place is right by New Roma so I impulsively bought a dozen doughnuts, and, boy are Marie's doughnuts the best or what?  Soooo much better than New Roma.  

this one is pretty cute

a reggaeton version


beckler said...

I'll get around to updating the link right quick, but until then, don't forget, the launch of the E Street Film Society is coming, so make sure to put The Seven Samurai in your queue. I watched about twenty minutes of it last night before I fell asleep. I know that sounds bad. I watched the Magnificent Seven on the big screen once and it's not my kinda thing. As I told smiller, to much derision last night, I like movies where people talk about their feelings.


Anonymous said...

Obama Booty Bass!!!!!! Change is indeed coming. It's got me all zonstric'd up!

Anonymous said...

For those who are into this sort of thing Starbucks is giving out free tall coffees to anyone who voted. A sticker helps, but I think they'll just give out to anyone who 'says' they voted. I've also heard rumors of free hot dogs at Capitol Dawg?
My voting experience this morning would have been fast and easy if the volunteers had any idea how to process my provisional ballot. I didn't receive my mail in ballot, but my name was in their books saying I should have voted by mail, but I didn't get my mail in ballot. You can guess how it goes from there. On the plus side they did have mini bags of Skittles to hand out.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Becks, I will have plenty of "talking-about-your-feelings" flicks on the schedule - Eric Rohmer, Bergman, Ozu, "Love Actually", the entire Herb Ross catalog, and so on.

-DB (www.estreetfilmsociety.blogspot.com - launching November 10)

Anonymous said...

Any "talking-about-charles" flicks scheduled? I'm still on the fence over here.


Anonymous said...

I will show some WWII-era French films in which they "talk-about-Charles-de-Gaulle". Is that anything?


Brian said...

For those that are into this sort of thing, The Old Tavern has traditionally given out a free drink if you had an I voted sticker. Not the nicest place in town, but a mighty nice gesture.

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem and I AM SO BUMMED!
They won't count our ballots for weeks. I just spoke with a clueless person at Sac County elections.
I guess I technically voted, but I am pretty bummed about it. I just reregistered and was very aware that I didn't want to vote absentee. I was absentee before so I'm wondering if they just carried that over..

ARRGG. I just am grateful that we are in Cali and not Indiana. I called 60 people in Virginia to get out the vote and it made me feel better.


Anonymous said...

You can also get a free scoop from Ben & Jerry's from 5-8 with an I voted sticker. I don't know where the closest one is... Davis? Did the Arden Fair one close?


and for the record, I really like the Old Tavern.


Anonymous said...

Barack Obama woi woi fi true!

beckler said...

i've been rocking that coco tea song a lot. and it's pretty much on a continuous loop in my brain