Friday, November 21, 2008

last of the DC posts

I could go on and on about food in DC, but it probably isn't that interesting unless you've been there or are planning to, so I'll wrap it up today.  

Number one: if you are there you need to go to Zatinya.  It's chic and it's owned by a celeb chef that worked at El Bulli, but the important thing is that it is delicious and sophisticated food for a very reasonable price.  

This food is from a place that I was so happy I tracked down called Akosombo.  It's Ghanaian food.  You can't even tell it's a restaurant from the outside.  It's pretty dumpy inside with just a bunch of steam trays that you pick from.  The picture below is rice and beans and spinach and fried fish.  Really hearty, wonderful, comforting food.
And piping hot, sweet/salty plantains!
I picked out one of the top-rated Ethiopian restaurants in the Little Ethiopia area, called Etete.  This was quite a meal.  The food formed the table top.  I would like all my furniture to be made of food.  I tried a new kind of Ethiopian beer and concluded that Ethiopian beer is really a cut above most ethnic beers of cultures that aren't super into beer, if that makes sense.
I got these frites and this Dupont Avec Les bon Voeux at a place called Brasserie Beck.  The Dupont ran me a cool 12 bucks, but it was really fun to get it on draft and the frites were perfect.
As for art, at the portrait gallery, I dug this hecka 70s portrait of Carter.
This was a nice Fairfield Porter picture of his brother, the photographer Eliot Porter
See you at the show tonight!

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