Monday, January 26, 2009

culture shmulture

I tried to go the beer and ballet on saturday and both shows were sold out.  They still had some tickets for this saturday available.  

Are you interested in a free history lecture on booze in old-timey sac?  If so, register here.


beckler said...

I liked Blair Robertson's Udupi Review. I think our feelings about Udupi are similar. If only it were closer to downtown! That reminds me, someone on yelp recently rated Corti Bros, and concluded their review with this sentence:

I would give it five stars but its so far from my house

beckler said...

Looks like Bill Burg is giving a lecture at that oddball medical history museum tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

What is that new place on 16th and T--"Lefty" something?


Anonymous said...

Lucky Lefty's I think.


Anonymous said...

Lucky Lefty's! Heckamax and I went in there right before Christmas and they have a pool table and at the time, a keg (but I think that was leftovers from 2nd Saturdays?) They sell fixie apparel (t shirt = $36) and showed some sort of fixie movie at the Crest, where I heard 600 of their friends showed up and there were bikes all over K St.

wburg said...

Dagnabbit, I'll have to miss this lecture! I have some silly neighborhood stuff to do. Nothing I like better than tales of drunken Sacramento! Now we just need to make Ed Carroll do his brewery lecture again.

Mine is actually two blocks from the medical museum, at the offices of the folks who run said museum; details in the above link.