Monday, January 05, 2009

picture post

Here's how I spent my break in pictures.

Christmas shoes.
Nog Nog at Xmas party in sweet house.
This guy doesn't need any introduction.
Now we skip to the Four Eyes show, always one of the highlights of my year, and always more fun than New Years.  This guy was taping the proceedings.
Here's Davy taking a sip of knowledge.
More knowledge!Smiles all around!

I also made Meyer lemon marmalade.  I think it's very good.
I just like these pictures, but I forgot to take a picture of the marmalade.
Again, I just finally took a good close-up picture.  This was a minestrone I made. No big whoop.
I took an excellent jaunt to SF and spent a lot of quality time in Japantown.  Smiller just hung out on this corner.
These are herring swim bladders.  I ate a bite of one.  You'll read all about it in my february article.
Road trip to Jackson.  It is far! It's a nice drive, but the return drive is a little bit much.
This was my first meal of the year.  I have been eating so many sweets with no signs of stopping.  This was really tasty leftover sushi rice (without the vinegar of course) boiled with milk, raisins, cardamon, and lemon zest.  A little sugar.
Here's Nodzz in Davis.  I love them!
Here's the only good picture I took at the Luigis Touchez/Ganglians/Mantles show.  It was so fun!  The Ganglians were the draw and they are starting to seem like real stars.  They don't crack me up so much anymore.  They're more serious.  Look at Mike's excellent shirt!


Anonymous said...

That marmalade is delicious - like your Christmas shoes.


Anonymous said...

I second the maramlade bump, its so good. with toast and tea it makes me very happy.


KW said...

Did you find a good source for mason jars/lids for the marmalade? I have Meyers going to waste myself and should put some up.

Anonymous said...

Christmas shoes? Some poor kid's mama met Jesus barefoot because of you.

Anonymous said...

Marmalade goes well with knowledge and toast.


beckler said...

I meant to tell you that you were right about Ace having jars. I love Ace! I got cute little jelly jars for 7 bucks less than Safeway was trying to get for them. Also, your candy was the bomb!

Anonymous said...

Everything goes well with knowledge but there is a limited amount.


Caroline said...

i want to know more about this marmalade. please pass on top secret recipe.

beckler said...

It's from the Gourmet mag cookbook. You can have some. I just figured that most people don't like marmalade.

Anonymous said...

Let me know if you need more Meyer's lemons. We have a bunch of them.


beckler said...

I can't seem to get rid of the marmalade I have, but I was thinking of trying to make some sort of lemon dessert.